How to Speak Good English?

Language is associated with communication and while this is the case, the repercussions of lacking or having language appropriate language skills goes way beyond this. The command you have over language influences the way you present yourself and this is reflected in your body language and level of self esteem. Fluency in English is considered important since it is a universal language. It is used in business and for this reason, it is always deemed important to improve your skills. For anyone who wants to learn how to speak good English, it is important to consider the following.



As a baby, the first thing you learn is mother tongue. This is achieved through observing and listening. It is precisely due to this reason that it is considered an important part of learning. It also works perfectly for individuals who think the process of learning grammar and syntax rules is boring.


When someone speaks English whether at the workplace, TV, party or any other place, listen. Be on the lookout for usages and expressions stressed. Most people tend to neglect small talk and greetings and yet, if they can grasp these, they will be on their way to learning good English. Use variations rather than the usual small talk openings. This should be reflected in your greetings like asking someone ‘how are you doing’.



There is no doubt that when you listen to English speaking people you learn a lot but if you want to expedite the learning process, you must be willing to read widely. Most people shy away from this prospect because whenever they hear of reading, the picture that comes to mind is one of literary books which are large. However, this is not the case. It means reading anything that is written in proper English. At the end of the end, this means you get a variety of options to choose from ranging from newspaper articles, movie reviews and gadget manuals among others. Be on the lookout for the manner in which the prepositions have been used since this is one area where many people make mistakes.


Work on your Vocabulary

This is not to imply you should cram the dictionary. It simple means you should make it your goal to learn a new word everyday. Write it down together with the meaning. Take this a step further by framing a sentence. For purpose of convenience, it is advisable to keep a specific book for listing these words down.


Get Ready for Small Talk

There is more to speaking good English than making long speeches and presentations. The frequency with which you use the language matters and it is for this reason that it is important to indulge in frequent small talk. This could be on any topic and the more you trust yourself to say the right thing, the more your speaking skills are honed.


Make Mistakes

There is no learning without mistakes and as such, you should not be afraid to make them. Embrace any mistakes made with good grace. Take a plunge and with time, your prowess in speaking good English will be enhanced.



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